Schoone Oordt

Boutique winery & Private cellar Since 1707 ​

Schoone Oordt is a Dutch word and means: “Place of Beauty & Purity”

Schoone Oordt was founded in 1707 during the Dutch colonial period. Our estate is situated in PAARL; 1 hour away from Capetown and overlooking Table Mountain.

The Estate is transferred into a beautiful tourist accommodation with several hotel rooms and cottages. Also a tasting room and a facility overlooking Table mountain will be build starting from 2024.

Our positive Wine Journey and history:

We are only 1 hour away from Capetown Airport and maximum half an hour drive from Stellenbosch. Alltough all is close.. if you arrive you will feel in the middle of South African wild nature. 

Situated on the foot of Perdeberg mountain close to the famous part of Swartland wine region our vineyards are overlooking famous Table Mountain from several viewpoints. While enjoying natures sounds and silence around you, you can spot Owls, Cranes, several types of “bokkies” (small deer typical for South Africa) and maybe you will find traces of the Leopard  that still lives here but is rarely seen. We invite you to take a walk and enjoy the vibrant pure nature around you while staking a stroll through our vineyards. 

Here you find the foundation of our wines. Pure beautiful wines that reflect nature. You will find a pure style of wines with the intensity given by our Skalie (shale) dominated soils as well as the influence of flora in our vineyards in combination with grapes planted at the best slopes suitable for their variety.

With great passion for nature around us we make our wines. No pesticides, low intervention and intense soil and water management. Off course only when needed and without or low impact on nature. We work Fairtrade as this is part of our core values and we think it is normal to involve local community. 

Schoone Oordt has a long history dating back to 1707.. The Estate was bought by trading it for a rough diamond. We feel our estate is a diamond when it comes to its beauty and purity. We invite you to join us and experience our positive Wine journey from “Vine to fine Wine”!

Our vision on viticulture

  • Interact, involve and support  local community
  • Use of Resitant Grape varieties
  • Use of Drones & Robots
  • Multiple Weather stations
  • Intensive Water and soil
  • management Intercropping techniques

Future proof wines > beyond organic

  • No use of Chemical Herbicides 
  • Healthy soil management by using (local) herbs 
  • Minimal intervention of tractors (working on the soil) needed 
  • Use of f.e. Herbal teas as organic pesticide replacements
  • the use of weather stations and models to predict diseases and especially to be able to fight diseases in a circular sustainable way with nature
  • Drones make pictures of the grapes and notify when f.e. molds or the Suzuki fly is present in an early stage so interception can be done locally instead or treatment of the full plot. 
  • Local Biodivirsity is preserved and secured because of less interference (f.e. Leopards and Cape Cobra live in our vineyards) as well as Soil life, insects and local fauna.  
  • Human health is better secured when encounter with chemicals is limited. Lot of chemicals have not only direct impact on health but  “Neuro” chemicals have long term impact on DNA and health of the community..
  • Better water management because of measure systems and soil management 

Beyond Fairtrade:

Meet our 2Blossom Initiative & centres

The 2BLOSSOM project; Childcare with the ability to develop creativity

By offering children safe after-school care, several goals are achieved.

1.Safe shelter with less risk of abuse & connection to the drug circuit

2.Creativity of the children is stimulated. This brings joy and more openness, which often brings talents to the fore.
This environment also gives children the opportunity to express their problems.

3.The certified teacher(s) can recognize and help children with problems.

4.Because children learn to make something very beautiful with few means, they can earn extra pocket money by selling their “Arts & Crafts”.

Thank you for your attention and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Schoone Oordt

Boutique winery & private cellar

Since 1707

Place of beauty and purity

Schoone Oordt Wine Farm, Voor Paardeberg road, Paarl,
Western Cape, SOUTH AFRICA

Contact persons South Africa:
Phillip la Grange (owner/ director) 0027-823367915,
Theunis van Zijl (owner/ director) 0027-824105670

Contact person (Europe) :
Janneke Rutten (owner/ director) 0027-657993527